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MX650 Dirt Rocket – Ideal Dirt Bikes for 16+ Kids

Dirt bikes have been very popular recently and these are no more limited to adults but young kids also find lots of attraction in these bikes. There are a lot of brands available at the market but MX650 is the bestseller from Razor's Collection of electric dirt bike. It has been designed to give an excellent performance in picking up more weight and running faster for the rider. When you look at its best advantages, you find that its maximum speed and quite lower noise are really amazing. However, when your kid is riding it, this is your responsibility to tell him that how he needs to take care of this bike because if you take care of it, it will work even better with minimal maintenance requirement.

MX650 Dirt Rocket Description

The rocket brings perfect off-road riding experience for the rider who is looking for something new to discover and feel. The speed can reach up to 17 miles per hour which is quite higher but the best thing about it is that it is absolutely safe and the rider can have full control over it to maintain the balance. MX650 can easily hold 220 Ibs of weight. The tires are sixteen inches thicker and have inner and rear tubes. The bike is absolutely easy to carry and assemble.

Major Features MX650

•    Throttle acceleration device with twist-grip
•    Front pneumatic knobby Tires in 16inches
•    Back pneumatic knobby Tires in 14 inches
•    Rear and front disc brakes with hand operation
•    Chain driven motor delivers powerful yet quiet operation
•    Modifiable riser handlebars
•    Compact metal foot fasteners
•    Duple crown fork
•    Rechargeable Battery
•    Tools also included

Specifications MX650

•    Motor Watts : 650
•    Acid Battery : 24v
•    Run Time : 40 Minutes
•    Charge Time : 8 Hours
•    Speed : 17 MPH
•    Ages : 16 or above
•    Holding Weight : 220 pounds
•    Product weight : 98 pounds

As mentioned above, the bike is ideal for children 16 plus which means if your kids are not big enough to handle such a dirt bike, you should not get them this one; instead you can look for other appropriate options for them. If your child is 16 plus, razor mx650 can be the most ideal option. You may find its price a little more than the other available options, but when you compare the features, design, style, durability and other advantages, it will not be difficult for you to decide why this is considered to be the best option for young children.

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